Review & How to Apply [NEW! Eylure Naturalites Underlashes #041]

 Eylure Naturalites Underlashes #041
My natural eye lashes, both on my top lash line and bottom lash line, are short/medium length 
with hardly any thickness so I always wear false eye lashes on my top lash line 
but when I went past these in the drugstore, I just had to snap one up!

Hoorah for false under lashes!

Unlike the normal false eye lashes that you put on your top lash line,
these are meant to go on your bottom lash line, just below your natural bottom eye lashes
but I saw no specific instructions on the back on the packaging.
Eylure have printed the instructions on, which is valid for top false eye lashes
and of no use to customers who are new to this product and do not know how to wear them.

I did find a little booklet inside but there was still no set of instructions.
In the little box you get a pair of false under eyelashes and a small tube of glue.

I have my very own pot of Eylure glue (sold separately, in a larger amount)
which I love because it holds my falsies securely for hours and hours, even on messy night outs!
But I find this little tube of glue handy to keep in my handbag so if my eyelashes come off during the day 
when I'm out, I can just whip this one out and apply when needed.

The false eyelashes are clearly marked on the packaging so you know which one goes on which eye.
Just make sure you put it back correctly after each use.

I've seen reviews of eyelashes breaking, despite their quality,
simply because the false eyelash has been stuck on with a very strong glue/ pressed hardly.
So always be careful when you're pulling them out!
Especially these false under eyelashes since they're quite fragile if not taken care of properly.

Whilst applying glue, don't go over board with the application.
A think layer goes a long way. The just let the glue semi-dry and when it gets a little tacky,
apply onto one corner of the eye first and then onto the other corner.

...and VOILA!

Eylure eyelashes are always reusable as long as you're careful with them
and I can see myself using this one pair for a good amount of time.

If you apply your false eyelashes just a little bit 
lower than your natural eye lashes and apply a white pencil 
eyeliner onto your waterline,it will make your eyes 
look slightly larger than what it is.

I bought mine in Savers for £3.49 
but you can buy them from any drugstores.

All in all, I wore it for a day out and even though it was raining heavily,
the moisture in the air did not cause the false eyelashes to come off.
I had false eye lashes on both top and bottom lash lines
and at times, it was tickly so my eyes watered slightly causing
one of the corners of my bottom false eyelashes to come off
but I had my tiny tube of Eylure glue in my handbag so problem sorted! 
But it was very lightweight and did not cause any irritation.

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